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About Sender.Asia

Founded in 2008, Sender. Asia also was known as Dealfon is one of the fastest-growing Distributors within the lifestyle consumer electronics industry with an 8 digit revenue per year.

Sender. Asia is bridging supply and demand and helps international companies accelerate their market entrance and their presence Worldwide in the area of consumer electronics.

Deep market and product knowledge, as well as our strong focus on flexibility, enables our business partners to operate efficiently and successfully.

Depending on the product and marketing strategy, we provide the most relevant and important sales channels to ensure optimal distribution.

Our partners consist of prestigious Etailers, Retailers and distributors in different countries.

Our philosophy is maintaining strong business ethics where we stick to project and procurement agreements right down to the last detail, including pricing, restrictions and regional particularities. also distributes several Brands on an exclusive basis worldwide

OEM Service

OEM means you sell our company’s product under your own name and branding.

Sender Asia’s OEM service is a composite of various services: customize the package, parts of products, and color of the product.

we work closely with customers and customize the design based on customers need.

1)customize Logo/Brand for customers

we can help customers Logo on Carton, Retail Package, and Product.

2)Design Retail Package

Sender Asia has experience in designing various retail Package.

Customize Design based on your need.

3)Help Customer Arrange Amazon FBA Shipments

This Service contains Free Barcodes, Label Products, Shipping Labels.

Shipping Carriers includes FedEx, UPS, DHL, Sea Freight.

Express Shipping time is 3-5 working days.Sea freight need about 45 working days.

Customers pay the shipping fee.

4)Dropship to your end customers.

if you sell on your own online store,eBay, wish, we also can help you to ship products.

Various shipping methods you can choose.

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